Online map reservation for Ellenbrook 3-9-2016

The online map / dibber reservation service is designed to guarantee you a map, and if you require it a dibber, and to minimise on-the-day form filling. Participants with a reserved map just pay and run.

Some notes about map reservation:

  • Map / dibber reservation will generally open 7 to 10 days before the event and close at approximately 18:00 on the day before the event.
  • Reserved maps will only be held until 10:45 (30 minutes before the close of registration).
  • Registration is required before you can reserve a map to minimise spam map reservations and also to give participants the ability to review, delete, or modify by deleting and reentering, their reservations. The site uses the Persona Identity System from Mozilla (of Firefox® fame) which uses some clever cryptographic tricks to allow you to use your email address as a secure identifier. The sign-on is mediated by your browser and there's no transfer of personal information.
  • A correct orienteering age class is required for the calculation of Saturday League and Youth League results. An explanation of the system can be found here.
  • SportIdent electronic punching will be used at Ellenbrook so all participants will require a SI dibber. If you do not own a dibber tick the hire box and a dibber will be reserved for you.
  • Safety contact information, such as a car registration or telephone number, is required to allow us to check apparently missing competitors before starting a search or involving the emergency services.
  • Members of British Orienteering may optionally provide a BOF number so that their result can be included in the awards system.